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Ready to transfer your success into others?

Turn Your Expertise Into A

Profitable + Powerful Coaching Business!

You are an entrepreneur.

The experience is there.

The audience is ready.


...the question is are you confident and competent in your ability to effectively download and install your transformational results into other people?

This isn’t a “you” question, by the way. This is a question for every coach across the board, and there’s one simple reason why:

Coaching that gets results...

requires more than just expertise.

In order to support the majority of your students to achieve transformational results, there are a bit more skills needed. It's not hard, but the right toolkit is necessary... and it's got to have more than just a "hammer".

You need a POWER


Imagine having a group of experts who can help you translate your expertise into an attractive asset that produces reliable, replicable, results for your students.

My name is Deedee Breski,

I am committed to helping you build a transformational coaching business.

“It's Like Having Access To Pure MAGIC!”

“Working with Deedee is like having access to pure MAGIC! She helped me reframe some of the biggest hurdles in my business in the most impactful way. I worked with her to get crystal clear on the actions I need to be taking to reach my ideal life and business outcomes. Deedee is so gifted in helping business owners get clear on their goals and I don’t know where I’d be without her coaching!”

Tess wicks, Business coach

Whether you're in year 1 or year 10 the methods we use are the same because, honestly... it becomes 1 of a kind when you add your power to the process...

It's called The Power Method University

A 12-month results-oriented

business transformation withcertification and business training for experts.

What's Included in the Program?


phase one:

When you join The Power Method, you start with the welcome and orientation session where you map out your profitable + powerful path and design your Me 2.0 blueprint!


Phase two:

Each week you'll have group calls while completing your Power Method Coach Certification, designed to help you gain experience and cultivate confidence + competence in transformational, results-oriented coaching!


phase three:

You will use the 7-Figure Business School training to create and sell a profitable + powerful program that energizes you and delivers reliable results to not the minority but the majority of your students!


phase four:

Post-graduation you can attend masterminds, outlining what’s going well, what’s not, and receive the full support of the group to move through any roadblocks.

wondering if this

program is for you?

We currently offer The Power Method University to experts and entrpreneurs interested in the following











“I Was Able To MORE THAN DOUBLE My Business!”

"With Deedee’s guidance, I was able to more than double my business, write my first book, and hire my first full-time assistant! This year I’m on track to do 300K in sales volume and owe so much of this success to her divine wisdom and guidance. She doesn't use some generic formula, she actually listens to your goals and helps you create your desired destiny. When it comes to hiring a coach, this is not my first rodeo, and she is the best yet hands down!"

john, realtor

As a member, you will also get:


Stand out from the crowd of coaches and develop the toolset and skillset to create immediate and lasting transformation for clients using the Power Method Certification, a Biblically and Spiritually founded conscious + subconscious alignment certification. Which includes TTT, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life & Success Coaching, Kairos Techniques, and EFT.



Now that you have the ability to translate your expertise into actionable programs other people can use to get results. It's time to craft an energizing coaching program that gets results! So you can start attracting and closing your ideal clients and (repelling energy vampire clients) into your powerful program!


Community coaching & critiques

You will be supported every step of the journey, from certification to closing clients! Get feedback on offers and more via personalized critiques. Experience the power of subconscious/conscious alignment techniques on practicuum calls! PLUS, you'll increase your confidence + competence by facilitating immediate and lasting transformation on the calls!


Are you the expert we get to help create a transformational group coaching experience?

Let’s find out!

We’re currently taking applications for our first wave of Power Method students.

We’d love to hear about your current situation and see if you're a great fit for the program. We have a few questions, and if you're a good fit we’ll connect with you and answer any questions you may have.

Profitable Programs + Transformational Results =

The power method Way

Want to see what people say about working with Deedee?

Why The Power Method?

99% of the current coaching businesses get caught in this familiar trap...

  • They focus on transferring information but not delivering transformation.
  • They give tactics but not the tools and subconscious alignment to support them.

Taki Moore once said, "Only 10% of people benefit from tactics, 90% benefit from transforming beliefs." That's because if you give people what to do without them having the right identity, and necessary beliefs and values to support it, they won't sustain the activity and so they won't achieve results.

The Power Method gives you the ability to go deeper than tactics, to the subconscious level and make shifts so your clients get EPIC results with your programs!